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The Largest cattle fair : PUSHKAR, INDIA

Camel Safari in Pushkar
Pushkar Cattle FairVisit Exotic India !!


Are you a lover of animals? Do you enjoy adventure? If so, include PUSHKAR CATTLE FAIR in your tour itinerary when you visit India. Pushkar has the distinction of holding the largest cattle fair in the world. A small sleepy town in the state of Rajasthan, Pushkar suddenly wakes up from its slumber every year in the months of October - November to welcome thousands of cattle and their owners who flock there for business. The atmostphere suddenly reverberates with bleating and neighing of animals. A truly wonderful sight!!

The rugged sandy terrain adds an exotic charm to the whole scenario. The  very colorful attire of the Rajasthani locals accentuates the beauty of the fair, transforming it into a virtual fairy land. People of all sizes and shapes flock to this massive fair as owners, traders, dancers, musicians and of course, tourists from all over the world.

The nights are seen to be believed. The sound and smell of cattle mingles with the cooking done under the open sky by locals and  produces an intoxicating affect on a visitor. The bewitching NUT DANCERS accompanied by bards and musicians, dancing around a bonfire is simply haunting.

The mornings resume with the usual haggling between buyers and sellers of cattle. The fair exhibits a dazzling array of best of the CAMELS, HORSES, DONKEYS, COWS, BULLOCKS and other animals found in INDIA. The animals are beautifully decked-up to attract prospective buyers. A photo session with a handsomely  caparisoned camel is a must as a souvenir.

TOURISTS flock to Pushkar to see all this and more. The Tourism department of Rajasthan organizes, CAMEL RACES, HORSE RACES, DESERT SAFARI, STREET THEATRES, THE FAMED NUT DANCES and other events to showcase the rich culture and rural lifestyle of the state.. Performances, art and handicraft are another major attraction. Various sports like football, Kabadi competitions are organised between foreigners and locals.

ANOTHER interesting highlight of the fair is the BRIDAL COMPETITION FOR FOREIGNERS which displays an excellent combination of the alien beauty and indigenous culture.

Besides, the fair, Pushkar also brings in lakhs of devotees to participate in the ritual bath on KARTIK EKADASHI on the land of LORD BRAHMA.

HOTELS : There is no dirth of accommodation as a large number of hotels have mushroomed in recent years offering  comfortable accommodation.                             

How to reach Pushkar:                                                        Tribal Rajasthani dancer

Nearest airport  : Jaipur 146 kms

Nearest railway station : Ajmer  11 kms

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