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Views of Thimpu and the surrounding areas.


Bhutan is a neigbhouring  country of India. This  Himalayan Kingdom is ruled by a Monarch having its capital at THIMPU. Thimpu has the unique distinction of being the smallest capital of the world. Situated at a height of 7375 ft above the sea level and nestling in the Himalayas, it is a sheer delight for the tourist.

Bhutan remained closed to the outside world till recent past in order to preserve its culture and from western influence. Thimpu offers its visitors a land bountiful . Situated in a valley, it offers the most beautiful flora and fauna one can ever imagine. This visual treat is mind boggling which makes an everlasting impression.


One can view the Himalayas in all its grandeur!  Shopping in the small but beautifully decorated shops is a treat in itself. These shops offer a wide range of ethnic goods, decorative pieces, handicraft, souvenirs etc. to keep one occupied for a long time. One can also buy beautiful silk clothes, precious stones, ornaments and decorative motiffs to take back home.

FESTIVALS:Buddhism is the state religion. Most of the festivals are connected with Buddhism and they are celebrated in the various DZONGS. These festivals are a delightful mix of rituals, dances and music..

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES :  there are plenty of options for outdoor activities a person can indulge in. Some of them are Hiking, river rafting, excursions, wildlife excursions fishing etc.


1. Tashichho Dzong ( Fortress of Glorious Religion)

2. Sintokha Dzong ( Oldest, built in 1627)

3. Streets of Thimpu.


There are some very good hotels that have come up recently offering a comfortable lodging. Some of the better known hotels are as follows:

1. The Peling Hotel
2. Yeezdin Guest House
3. Wangchuck Hotel
4.Hotel Jumolhari
5.Hotel Dragon Roots
6. Druk Hotel
7. Hotel Senge

Thimpu does not have a vibrant night life but there are some night clubs and pool rooms one can visit. here is a list of the night clubs and pool rooms:
1. The Plum's restaurant
2. The Buzz Lounge
3. The Space 34 night club
4. 4 Degree (pool club)
5. The Zone (pool club)


Airways : Druk Airways, the national air carrier, has regular flights from Kolkata, Delhi, Dacca, Bangkok and Kathmandu.

Road : From Kolkata one can reach Siliguri by bus or taxi and then embark on a 180 km journey to Thimpu.

Railways. All major Indian cities are well connected by rail to New Jalpaiguri station. Thimpu can be reached from New Jalpaiguri by road , a distance of 180 km. There are innumerable taxis and buses to ferry passengers from New Jalpaiguri to Thimpu.

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